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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Currently | Some Autumnal Things

I've realized it is still going to take me quite a long time to catch up with photos from my trip to Europe.  And, since I haven't taken any photos with my regular camera for months I figured a little update here and there with some photos from my phone ought to do for now.
So, here's some of my favorite recent snaps.  It's finally beginning to feel like Autumn up here in the Bay Area...'bout time!
Currently - purchased some lovely plants, succulents, and pumpkins for our studio and am loving them so much | making sure I wear all my Autumnal toned outfits before I switch to a muted palette for December |  always taking notice of how beautiful campus is and how lucky I am to go to school here | drinking lots and lots (and lots) of Blue Bottle coffee

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Join me in the JDRF One Walk

Today on campus I met for the first time a few other students that also like me, have type one diabetes.  It was beyond words amazing to finally get the chance to connect with people who understand exactly what you're going through.  I was diagnosed back in May so I am still completely new to all of this and have lots to learn, but each day I am learning to appreciate what diabetes has taught me and the changes I've made in my life because of it.  I'm so eager to tell me story to anyone who will listen and get involved in any way I possible can.  I'm very hopeful and passionate about all work the JDRF is doing with new advances in T1D research and their plan to "make type one type none".  That line right there pretty much gives me chills and or tears every single time I hear it. 
So, there will be more posts and such on this type of stuff in the future as I'm still trying to catch up with posts from my trip to Europe and work and go to school all at the same time, so bare with me!
For now however, I've decided, though very last minute, to participate in the JDRF One Walk in San Francisco on October 26th.  If anyone is interested in joining my team, coming to walk with me, has questions, or would just like more info please don't hesitate to email me (
Also, if you'd like a little summary of my story and other ways to get involved please take a look at my fundraising page here!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Parisian Romance

These photos are some of my favorites because they capture the very relaxed, romantic, lovely mood of this simple evening in our Paris apartment.  This little courtyard was just so beautiful, and though it was pretty darn cold, we loved taking the time to capture some simple photos as we really wanted to remember how peaceful it was out there and how amazing it was to have such an authentic feel of what it was like to actually live in Paris, staying in an apartment just around the corner from the Eiffel Tower, rather than in some fancy hotel.

Outfit Details
Him -All American Apparel
Her - Slip - Free People

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Musée du Louvre

I absolutely loved visiting the Louvre!  I still feel so, so lucky to have had the opportunity to see so many famous and amazing works of art, I feel like I'm getting repetitive in saying that, but it's true!  And, I'm likely going to say it again (and again!) before I finish up these posts from my adventures in Europe (which I won't be done sharing for quite a long while at the rate I'm goin'!).
Since we purchased the 4 day museum pass (which I definitely recommend), we visited first during the day and then went for a second time on Wednesday evening when they stay open late ]til about 10pm.  And, let me tell you, there's quite a noticeable difference in a daytime vs. night time Louvre visit.  During the day, the museum is just very busy, especially the room the Mona Lisa (or if we're being extra French here, La Joconde) is in.  Once people step foot in that room they become animals, clawing their way to the front...literally!  I mean, come on guys, she ain't goin' anywhere!  Though, of course everyone wants to get to the front to see this classic lady up close and lucky for me I'm pretty sly with these kinds of things, so I actually managed my way up there quite gracefully without having to bring out the claws and got a nice first viewing of Ms. (Mrs?) Lisa.  When we went back on Wednesday night however, having the perfect view of Mona was a breeze since there was a considerably less amount people in the museum, which was very very nice actually.  Some rooms/areas you had completely to yourself and it made for a much more personal and relaxing experience soaking in all the art and such.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Birthday!

I'm way, way behind on posts and sharing photos and don't expect I'll quickly be able catch up anytime soon since I just started my junior year of college at UC Berkeley.  But, with that, it also means that yes, hooray, I finally moved up North and am now calling a quaint little studio with hardwood floors and a bay window home.   Before my first day of classes, my birthday (the 28th) was my last official day of freedom!  So, naturally of course Anthony and I headed across the Bay Bridge and into San Francisco on a wonderfully grey, gloomy morning.  I was clad in the dreamiest dream of a skirt from Alexandra Grecco; one that I'd been wanting for what seemed like forever!  So, finally having it and all its dusty blue tulle loveliness I was lookin' pretty birthday-like (Anthony kept telling me how much I looked like the perfect little teacup)!   After morning coffee (of course) we went to Golden Gate Park to the Conservatory of Flowers.  This was actually my first time there and for those who know me well know that getting up early on my last day of freedom, fancying up, and going the Conservatory of Flowers on my birthday is just so!  After some time amongst the flowers we headed over to one of my favorite spots- Fort Point.  It was so, so nice to see old Goldie again!  Even after traveling through Europe and seeing such mind-blowing amounts of beauty, the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point still shine pretty bright in my eyes, and I just love the feeling I get when I'm there.  The last photo I posted here was an accidental one Anthony got of me and I just love the dark, shadowy mysterious-like feelings of those dark halls and feel that this photo captured it so well.

Outfit Details 
Skirt - Alexandra Grecco
Shirt - Free People