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Friday, July 18, 2014


I'm interrupting my Paris posts to get in a quick post about well, just an average end of the week day.
Since I'm working full time Monday-Friday and my evenings are always jam-packed with things to get done, by Friday afternoons I catch a major case of the TGIF's. 
This week, as the reality panic of having to move soon for school sets in, so does the realization that I have so, so many THINGS that honestly just need to disappear; including all my vintage Etsy items that haven't moved for quite some time and also of course those items of clothing that you buy because maybe they're on sale or you think you'll come up with some genius way to style them but never end up even giving 'em a second glance once you actually have them in your closet.  So, you can imagine my excitement this week when I heard Crossroads Trading launched their new Sell By Mail! option.  All you have to do is request a bag from their website, fill it in with the clothes you need out of your closet, and drop it in the mail; no weighing, shipping labels, or long lines at the post office, hooray!  Getting cash (or store credit!) for the clothes you want out of your life without actually having to haul your clothes down to your local Crossroads makes for a double-win and extra TGIF vibes knowing that you can go into the weekend with one less to-do.  So that means one more cup of coffee right?  Yes.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Père Lachaise & Pompidou

On this rather sunny, quiet, Sunday morning the Père Lachaise Cemetery was our first stop.  I was so surprised by how large it was; we actually ended up walking around there for a couple of hours, and yes of course said our hello's to Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Victor Noir, and many others.  Afterwards we spent the afternoon exploring the historic Le Marais district and let me just say, I fell completely in love (even though I didn't even purchase one thing from the many many vintage shops in the area)!  Finally, our evening ended with some chocolate crêpes and a handful of hours spent at Centre Pompidou which houses the largest collection of modern art in Europe (Mark Rothko is one of my favorites).

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Saturday Afternoon in Paris

A week in Paris wouldn't be complete without a visit to the world famous flea market!  So on this perfect grey Saturday morning, I put on one of my favorite outfits including my always trusty American Apparel cape, and a red lip and we headed off to Porte de Clignancourt to experience Les Puces (The Fleas)!  Now, with us being on a three month long trip to Europe where the US dollar doesn't stretch very far, Anthony and I knew fully well we were not going to be shopping very much at all; but that was okay, because the experience of being there - the people we talked to, and the unique/quirky items we got to see was good enough for us.  In the end, Anthony walked away with a WWII magazine and I purchased a couture dress sketch that I am so, so in love with.
Afterwards, we explored the Montmatre and Pigalle neighborhoods before ending up near the Louvre for the first time - one of my favorite areas in Paris.  I'd say this was definitely a very well-spent Saturday in Paris.

Outfit Details
Hat - Vintage
Dress - F21
Cape - American Apparel
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Monday, June 23, 2014

Valentine's Day in Paris

Valentine's Day in Paris...I couldn't have even imagined a more perfect place to spend this day of love!  I packed this lovely pale pink Dear Creatures dress especially to wear for Valentine's, the mister sported one of his go-to American Apparel button ups, and after he made us some delicious crepes, we headed off in the light rain to the Love Lock Bridge!  This was also the first time we were seeing Notre Dame and that area of Paris, so it was so lovely, and because it was raining and was still pretty early in the morning, there weren't too many people out so it was quite and romantic indeed.  Locking our vintage lock on the bridge and tossing the key into the Seine River was a moment I will never forget!
Later, we ended up spending quite some time at Jardin du Luxembourg, took a stroll all around Champ de Mars, drank some (really horrible) coffee, and then ended the evening watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle, what an absolute dream!

Outfit Details
Dress - Dear Creatures