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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day of my Last Fall Semester

So today was the first day of the Fall semester here at UC Berkeley which, for me also marks the beginning of my last year of being an undergraduate!
I have a very heavy course-load this semester as I chose to enroll in 18 units (oh yeah and I also have 2 jobs...).  I'm a bit crazy, I know.  BUT, I am so excited about all of my classes so it makes all of the intense reading, writing, and all around work totally worth the little sleep I will be getting.
The classes I'm taking include a seminar on Nietzsche's ethics and aesthetics, a class on Hume's philosophy, Philosophy of perception, a graduate seminar on consciousness with John Searle, and finally I'm also taking Swedish (a perfect offset from the intense philosophy I'll be doing).
p.s. I'm really obsessed with Everlane's Modern Backpack Collection, I bought the mini in both the Stone and the Grey colorway.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Free People & Flowers

I feel silly that I have never paid much attention to Lisianthus flowers before - they really are so darling!  These were the flowers that I got for my T1D Exposed photoshoot (mentioned a bit about that here) and, because I was leaving to work in LA for a week the very next day I knew I had to include these beauties in some more photos before I left.  I also had a happy mail day that week when I received this great Free People Jumpsuit that I couldn't wait to put on.  So, before catching my flight I wrapped up the blooms, put on my favorite Swedish Hasbeens, grabbed some coffee, and then snapped a few photos before heading out and also handing out the fleurs to some strangers.
I had three arrangements with me - one of them I gave to a nice lady crossing the street in Oakland while I was grabbing coffee at Blue bottle.  The other 2 arrangements I took with me to the airport and ended up giving one to a very sweet lady that I bought water and some emergency t1d "medicine" aka sugar from and then the last bouquet I gave to the gals working the Virgin America gate I was at.  Our flight was very very delayed and everybody was a bit stressed out there dealing with the angry folks that were going to miss their connections and whatnot and it felt good to give them a bit of loveliness to make their day a bit less terrible.  I think I'm going to do this whole flower giving thing more often.

Outfit Details
Jumpsuit c/o Free People
Shoes - Swedish Hasbeen x Free People

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Well, my Summer break from school is coming to a close real soon here and yet again I am a bit shocked by how fast that time flew by.  With working two jobs, I did not have enough time to edit all my photos from my trip to Europe last year but, I did get through a nice chunk of it so hopefully I can share those soon!
For now, here are some photos I took the day before my photoshoot with T1D Exposed (I talked about that project a bit in my last post here) as I had just finished arranging some flowers I bought that morning (yep, another 4am flower market day for me) and before I ditched my underpinnings to practice some poses and find my best angles for the shoot!  (I might, maybe, possibly share some of those practice shots on my tumblr at some point depending on how NSFW-ish I feel like sharing).

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I typically wear the sensor for my Dexcom cgm (continuous glucose monitor) somewhere on my belly which I change every 7 days.  I rotate my sites along with the site for my insulin pump (which I change every 3 days) on the left side of my stomach/lower back for a couple weeks and then switch to the right side of my stomach/lower back for a couple weeks, being mindful not to insert the site in the same spot too often and build up scar tissue.  Recently though I gave my Dexcom a go on my arm for a change.   While my insulin pump is usually always (since I clip my pump to a belt at my waist or my pants/shorts) , the site for my pump and the sensor for my Dexcom are always hidden since they're inserted on my stomach.  So, it was interesting wearing my cgm site so...out there this time.  I had a couple people ask me if it was jewelry and a handful of people who just asked a simple, "hey what's that".   My favorite though was when a curious kid I know who asked me about it and I told him I was sort of a robot.  I had fun with that one :)  "wait you're really a robot! But that doesn't make any sense!"
In other dexcom/t1d news, I'm really, really excited for a photoshoot I have on Saturday for T1D Exposed The Nude Diabetes Advocacy Project !  Since day 1 of having an insulin pump/cgm I knew I wanted to find ways to encourage others to see the beauty in the somewhat weirdness of wearing these devices and I was so excited when I learned about T1D Exposed who's mission is to promote awareness and connect people with type one diabetes.  A calendar celebrating the unique beauty of type one diabetics, with our robot parts and  Type one diabetes changes our bodies so much and we have to adapt to a completely new version of "normal" and T1D Exposed is an avenue to truly embrace that change.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

June Blooms - part 4

I totally meant to post this last week...oops!  Here's some more floral loveliness from my lat trip to the SF Flower Mart.  Next I'll probably have a blog or 2 scheduled before sharing more travel photos (...from my trip to Europe last Feb-May).