Monday, August 20, 2012

Open Road

This past Sunday Anthony and I headed up to Santa Ynez. I absolutely love that little valley, Solvang is so cute, and there are so many open roads, fields and such up there that I just love exploring.
We wandered over to our favorite open road and snapped some photos, had coffee at a quaint little shop and then of course no small trip to Santa Ynez would be complete without visiting my favorite mini horses over at Quicksilver Ranch! They are so darn cute, and I've had the pleasure of petting and holding a couple mini horses there from time to time.

We also took some film photos while we were up there, here's a couple shots!
All taken with a 35mm Holga and are completely un-edited. I love the classic lomography color and vignette!

This first one below is my favorite, I love using a fisheye lens, and I love double exposures!

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