Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tallest Man on Earth Road Trip Day 1: Phoenix

The Tallest Man on Earth is my favorite musician ever. Ever. Every word of every song speaks to me, not only do I love every single song, I also love him as a person, as Kristian Matsson.
We (Anthony and I) have been to 3 of his shows previously, and each one was spectacular, and a bonus? We've met him and talked to him at each of the shows we went to, and each time he remembered us! Out of all the people he sees on tour, he always remembers us, it's so special and amazing. I spoke a little about all that here!

With the hectic-ness of working my daytime normal job 32 hours, and school starting up again and doing that full time, what is it we do? Leave for a week long trip! I know it is a little crazy, but it was so worth every penny, and every second. 4 Tallest Man on Earth shows.
We started off 8/31 and headed to Oceanside to pick up our fellow Tallest Man on Earth fan friend, Anthony! Yep that's right, 2 Anthony's now on the trip.
(I'll split this road trip into a few posts so I don't overwhelm you with so much text and photos!)

First stop: Phoenix, AZ!
I actually love long car rides, and this entire day was spent in the car and I didn't mind actually. The drive was interesting and new, seeing huge windmills on the I-10 East and the open desert was a nice experience.
Spent the entire day in the car and finally arrived to Phoenix with a late night temperature of 100 degrees still, yikes! Thank goodness for car/hotel air conditioning!

We spent the majority of Saturday exploring a bit of Phoenix, and I was delighted to stumble across a cute little artsy part of town, and an awesome coffee shop/art gallery. It was really too hot to do too much outdoor activity, so we kept it calm; discovered some amazing vintage shops, ate breakfast for lunch at Two Hippies Breakfast Joint, and just spent some time just hanging out in the (air conditioned) hotel.

Our first little thrill happened when (my) Anthony wanted to go out to scope the venue in hopes of speaking with Kristian again, so we jump in the car and head just a few minutes to the venue. Literally right as we pull in the lot where his tour bus is, there's Kristian! So, we get on out give him a great big hug, and of course instantly he recognizes us and was surprised to see us come such a long way and then amazed when we tell him we are going to be at his next 4 shows! Just a super quick conversation and he's back on the bus, but we were more than satisfied. We just wanted him to know we were there.

The first Tallest Man on Earth show took place at The Crescent Ballroom. It was a cute little place, and probably the most intimate show I have ever been to. We were literally touching the stage. Literally.

In the venue after Strands of Oaks plays, after Kristian's set up is complete, his Swedish intro song "För sent för Edelweiss" comes on through the speakers, my heart is pounding, and then there he is.
       Purely amazing. Hearing him again, every word echoing in my bones, I wish I could find a clever way to describe the feeling, but there's no words. It's just bliss. Every time he locks eyes with me, gives a smile and a nod of recognition my heart just melts.

And, end of day #1. Off to San Diego now.

Continue on to day#2, day#3/4, and day#5 !

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