Friday, September 7, 2012

Tallest Man on Earth Road Trip Day 2: San Diego

Day 2 of my Tallest Man on Earth roadtrip.  (read day#1 here, then continue on to day#3/4 and day#5)
Sunday 9/2, the 2 Anthony's and I get up early and we are back on the road to California.  The drive back to San Diego actually went by rather quickly, and it was a pleasant drive at that.
      Once we arrive in San Diego we of course scope out the venue, which was beautiful by the way!  We ran into the guys from Strand of Oaks (the opening act on this tour) and chatted with them for a bit; they are real funny guys, gotta love em'!
       We spent the day just kind of strolling around town, checked out a neat art gallery downtown, and before we knew it, it was time to stand (or should I say start) the line for the show, since again, it was general admission and we of course always want need the very front best spot in the venue ;)
Outfit Details
Dress: Vintage maxi dress that I completely altered
Hat: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Vintage
Belt: American Apparel
Shoes: Vintage

While in Phoenix, Anthony and I picked up a rather clever little post card and wrote Kristian Matsson a little note.  A bit before going in to the venue at The Birch North Park Theatre, I gave the post card to Kristian's roadies, (whom I know by name at this point haha) with the promise that he'd give it to him right away.
          Inside the venue finally, very front row, enjoying Strand of Oaks opening tunes, and then finally "För sent för Edelweiss" comes through the speakers again, and I am back to pure bliss.  Kristian comes on out and graciously attacks each chord on his guitar.  Singing right into my eyes again and that classic nod of recognition got my heart fluttering.  He even leaned over towards us on stage while he was strumming the into to "The Gardener" to look right at us and say "thank you" (for the card we got him!). 
          The sound in this venue was amazing, and the audience was the most calm, respectful audience I've ever experienced before, it was such a pleasure, and you could tell Kristian was loving it (he even went on to say it was hands down the best show ever).
It was over all too soon, and during applause when everyone stands and cheers, Kristian bows to the filled theatre, then locks eyes with Anthony and I.  Crawls to the end of the stage and reaches out to give us a great big hug and to say "Thank you for the card, so sweet, thank you". 
            I was shocked!  The fact that he got our little card, and then thought to thank us earlier in the show while he was playing, and then to come up to us while still on stage, room still applauding him, to thank us again, wow that just blew my mind!  
Made us feel so special, and literally after that I was on cloud 9!

A night I will always remember!   (but stay tuned things get even better!)
On to day 3!

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