Friday, September 7, 2012

Tallest Man on Earth Road Trip Day 3 and 4: Los Angeles

Waking up Monday 9/3 was amazing, the San Diego show just blew my mind and my head was still in cloud 9.   (read here about day#1 and day#2 then continue on to day#5)
Since it was labor day and all, there was no concert that night, so it was a free day to wonder about!
The 2 Anthony's and I spent some time in San Diego, had coffee with an old friend, laughed our heads off, and then hit the road back to Oceanside to take our buddy Anthony home.
After, (my)Anthony and I headed up to Pasadena.
We love Pasadena, and normally are just there for the Rose Bowl Flea Market, so it actually was kind of nice to just get to enjoy relaxing in the little city for once without the hustle of flea market pickin'. We got a cozy, usual hotel and spent time just relaxing in the jacoozi and such, eating a meal (not in the car!), and then getting some much needed sleep!
(High waisted bathing suit: American Apparel)

Tuesday was spent entirely in L.A.  
First stop: The Mustard Seed Cafe to be reunited with our other dear Tallest Man on Earth buddy, Jefferson!  It was so wonderful to see 2 shows with our one TMOE buddy Anthony, and now the last 2 shows we got to share with Jefferson, couldn't have asked for more perfect company!
After brunch, Anthony and I did some vintage shopping and such and then again, time sped by and it was time to meet Jefferson at the venue: The John Anson Ford Ampitheatre.
This theater was not general admission.  Jefferson actually had a ticket for the 2nd row of the show, our tickets were for the way back of the venue, so so we weren't super thrilled on the set up.
        The three of us spent time spying on the tour bus and being silly, we decided to skip the opening act this night and went in to find seats just about 5 minutes before Kristian was to go on.  
Instead of Anthony and I going to our assigned seats, we just decided to march right on up to the front row, center seats (best 2 seats in the whole venue) and test our luck.  
                 Sure enough, the lights go off, his intro starts, and our hearts explode!!
We could not believe how lucky we were! We got to stay in the best seats of the venue the entire night!  I really don't get how ticketmaster works, and how those seats were unfilled but yet our tickets we actually purchased were for crappy seats.  Honestly actually, I don't really care how it works, all that mattered was that we were in the same spot as always, right in front of Kristian Matsson where he could clearly see us, acknowledge us once again, and spill his chords into our listening ears.
Show #3 was amazing, and now only one more to go.

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