Friday, September 7, 2012

Tallest Man on Earth Road Trip Day 5: Pomona

Our final day.  (read here for day#1, day#2, and day#3/4)
So far, we have been in the very front for each show, and each show personally acknowledged by Kristian in some amazing way.  Our last night was certainly no exception.

We checked out of our hotel early Wednesday and headed to Pomona fairly early.  To our surprise, right down the street from the venue was "Pomona's Antique Row"; how convenient!!!  We arrived at about 12:30 and doors to the show weren't til 8pm, and since we weren't staying in the city that night, just driving home, we had some time to kill for sure.  I scored a couple sweet vintage pieces and finally it was just time to wait.
Outfit Details
Blouse: American Apparel
Skirt: American Apparel
Belt: American Apparel
Shoes: Vintage
Sunglasses: Vintage

Our dear friend Jefferson shortly joined us and helped kill some time in line.  Well, there really was no line, just the 3 of us in front of The Glasshouse venue the majority of the day, but finally at some point people started showing up, the line grew and grew, and then is always the time when we are so thankful we are always at the very front of the line.  Cheers for general admission.
The wait for this show seemed like forever.  We finally get in, and wait some more.  Strand of Oaks again, great guys, but I was just so anxious to hear Kristian again, one last time.
And finally, one last time, the lights go off and "För sent för Edelweiss" comes through the speakers.  I really was in awe, and just pure joy through every sound and every second of this last show.
            Again Kristian saw Anthony and I in the very front like always, and as he finished his opening song, he took his last strum and gently tossed us his pick with a friendly smile!  Which of course we both reached our hands out to catch and keep!  He even switched the set up a bit adding his Graceland cover while he played The Wild Hunt, it was a nice treat!
                  And, now one last applause.  He starts bowing to the crowd, so much cheer all around, he looks right at us, slowly creeps right up to the edge of the stage and kneels down to us to apologize for not being able to see us earlier in the day and be social, he said he was just so busy today and next time he promised to be more social.  We told him tonight was our last night and that it has been such a fun journey, he gave each of us a loving last look, held our hands tight for what seemed like forever, and then he went off.
 Someone from the Pomona show took this ^^ photo while Kristian  was thanking us, too bad I'm too little and hidden to be seen, but wow what a great photo memory!

And just like that, our journey was over.  It was so amazing.  We went out to say goodbye to the guys of Strands of Oaks, said our goodbyes to Jefferson and then we were out to hit the road.  But, something just kept telling me we shouldn't leave quite yet, so Anthony and I just stayed in the car for a while and I am so so so so so thankful we did!

We were maybe waiting 45-60 minutes and saw a little group of people across the street with none other than our friend Kristian.  We of course get out, and cross the street and spent some time talking to Tim (Strand of oaks) again.  Once the small group of people clear and we say goodbye to Tim, it was our time.

Kristian turns around to us with a huge smile and gave me one great big loving hug and a kiss on the cheek!
No autographs, no photos, just genuine conversation, lots of laughs, and lots of hugs between 3 friends.  We told him what an amazing journey it had been for us to be with him the past 4 shows and ended the night with him asking "I'll see you next time right?".  One last embrace, a great big group hug as he calls "awww sweet, sweet people" with me sandwiched right in the middle, and honestly I could have stayed right there for the rest of my life! We said goodnight, and hit the road back to Santa Barbara.
Life complete.
  No "fan" has ever received even a fraction of the attention, thought, and love he gave us; we truly are so lucky to know Kristian.
Pure Bliss. 

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