Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy spooky day everyone!
I've totally been m.i.a lately; been super super busy with work and school so I basically have no free time at all!
So, here's to a new blog post....finally!

So, Anthony is in an art class at school and their most important project of the semester was to create a mask, and since we both had some cool ideas for it, I figured I'd also join the crafting bandwagon and make one too...SO we got extra freakin' crafty and made him an owl me a teddy bear.
The actual shell of the mask was super simple to make, you just blow up a punch balloon, paper mâché it, then get creative.
For the owl we painted the eyes, glued on 3 bags of feathers, and then used twigs to make the beak and ears.
For the bear, I spiraled the whole thing in yarn and then added thinner pieces of yarn in for added color/texture, the eyes, mouth, nose, and ears are also all made with yarn.  & let me tell you it took forever to finish; I don't want to pick up a bottle of glue or yarn for a long..long while. :)
The end result was super fun, Anthony had the best mask/grade in his class and we got to head out to the bluffs to take some silly photos. Enjoy!

 And here are some photos from instagram!
Outfit Details
Him- Coat & Shoes: Vintage
         Vest: Vintage, for sale over on my etsy shop here!

Her- Dress: Vintage, also for sale over on my etsy shop here!

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