Sunday, January 6, 2013

San Francisco part 1: Santa Cruz & Ol' Goldie

I've finally found time to catch up and organize some photos from the little trip Anthony and I took to San Francisco in December.  The minute I finished my last final of the semester, we got in our rental car and drove up North.  Here is a mix of photos from my phone and camera of our adventures.

That night we stayed in a cute hotel in Santa Cruz and in the morning, we found the neatest little coffee shop that is tucked away in a church.  What's even better is that the church this amazing little coffee shop was tucked away in is called "vintage faith church".  That is the perfect combination; part old lovely looking church with a equally as lovely name, part coffee shop decorated with vintage treasures.  The hanging old windows and books were my favorite part.  Definitely recommend this place to anyone passing through Santa Cruz!
I love the drive from Santa Cruz to San Francisco because the 17 freeway with redwoods lining both sides the entire way is so enchanting.

In San Francisco, the first thing we do is drive over the bridge, it is probably one of my favorite things to do there...or anywhere for that matter! I love being in the city and following the directions to get to the bridge because first you see the bridge quite a ways ahead, and then you don't see it again until you are literally turning onto the bridge; and that always gives me such a rush!  Better than Disneyland or any kinda amusement ride, I'd take the Golden Gate Bridge over any of that any day!
We drove across the bridge listening to Sinatra's "That's Life" and it was complete bliss.  Next we wanted to check out the Marin headlands since we had never been up there to see that amazing view of the bridge, but of course my 'smart' phone's silly directions got us lost and we ended up in a cool part of the city where we took a short (very windy, very cold) stroll on this footbridge that randomly just winds its' way in the middle of the water, not sure where this cute path ends up, but it was a nice, interesting little thing to stumble upon.  Finally we made our way up to the Marin headlands and it was such an amazing view of the bridge.
Next on the list was to walk across ol' Goldie.  I, of course, fully prepared had my outfit all ready for that and now consider myself to be a serious expert in quick car-outfit-changes..... but, it was literally freezing and super windy and I was a crazy lady for thinking I would be fine wearing a sleeveless (but oh so cute) little polka dot dress to walk across the bridge in!  But I did manage to get in a couple quick photos of course and then run back into my jacket and wool cape (though it was still freezing even with those two bulky layers!).  
After walking the bridge, we headed down by the water for my favorite view of the bridge.  I could literally sit there all day; on those rocks, getting splashed by waves, admiring the beauty of the bridge. 

Finally we checked in to the lovely Hotel Mayflower, which is the only place we stay when we are in the city because it just has so much charm (and free parking which is a major luxury in the city!).  Then we headed to the Mission district for some thrift shopping before we called it a night.

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