Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter in Santa Barbara

What Winter?
I love cold crisp air, and we have had some super chilly days this Winter, but on average we still have sunny mid 60° temps with the occasional super cold windy day followed by an outrageous sunny 70°+ day.  It's kind of bazaar, but hey that's Santa Barbara and I'm used to it.  Next late Winter/Spring the mister and I will be traveling Europe so we'll actually get to experience a 'real' Winter and I am so excited and already have a super warm American Apparel Wool Peacoat ready to go.
This day we were just out and about doing some exploring and such and we somehow ended up at the beach.  Santa Barbara is totally a beach town and Anthony and I totally are not beach people.  We go to the beach maybe one a year, maybe; and not even to swim or to soak up some sun.  So on this day we just meandered about and took a couple photos before moving on with our busy day.  Now I guess we can cross off  'go to the beach' from our 2013 to-do list ;)

Outfit Details
Blouse - American Apparel
Sweater - American Apparel
Shorts - American Apparel
Hat - Vintage
Sunglasses - Vintage

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