Monday, March 25, 2013

Season Confusion

I know it's not Autumn anymore, but today definitely felt like it!  The weather here in Santa Barbara can never make up its mind.  Yesterday was a typical sunny Spring day, and today was a gloomy, chilly, breezy autumn-esque day!  But hey, a little season confusion is good for a gal so I decided why not go with it and so I threw together a simple Autumn outfit!  I love any shade of rusty/burnt orange and this corduroy skirt is just lovely; it's so comfy and warm, pretty much meant for a gloomy day like today.  But I promise, I do have tons of Spring outfits I can't wait to wear once it warms up just a touch and I'll be sure to share of course!
Outfit Details
Blouse - Vintage for sale in my etsy shop here!
Belt - Vintage
Skirt - Vintage for sale in my etsy shop here!
Cowboys boots - Vintage


  1. This top is wonderful <3 Just can't get over with it :)

  2. ha ha that's exactly how i felt today! paris weather is always like this! you get 3 days of sunshine(enough to get healthy blisters), then it's rainy and gloomy and you dig out your oxfords...

    great outfit, i love the cowboy boots!

    1. I love rainy gloomy, dig out your oxfords kind of weather! I will be visiting Paris for the first time in February and I'll have my oxfords ready!