Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Twirlin' in Pink

No school today so Anthony and I went out for a deliciously sweet breakfast at Crushcakes Cafe where I had their lovely red velvet pancakes.  Afterwards we went for a stroll in the park and snapped a couple photos.  It's so nice to have an off day where you don't really do much, I'm very much enjoying it, but in a couple days I'll be up to my nose in books as midterms start next week, yikes.

This vintage pink striped dress I've had for some time now; I normally pair this dress with some black T-straps but today I decided to go with my white lace up boots and loved the pairing. && these boots are actually for sale in my etsy shop here !
Outfit Details
Dress - Vintage
Boots - Vintage >> for sale in my etsy shop here