Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wedding Editorial

I am so excited to share these images!  
Last Sunday the mister and I got the opportunity to do an amazing wedding editorial shoot for our friend and amazing photographer Kelly Rogers.  
I absolutely died over this amazing Free People dress and wish I could just keep it and live in it every day, it was just so beautiful!
Anthony looks handsome so easily and effortlessly, so he just threw on an American Apparel button up and pants, Kelly added a bow tie and he was set. 
I had my hair and make up done by two lovely ladies over at Luna Bella Makeup Art here in Santa Barbara and they did such an amazing job, it really was flawless.  Unfortunately Mother Nature was not having it that day and once we were on location the wind was just purely out of control and by the end of the shoot my hair was just was quite sad actually(but my make up still looked flawless) !
I am so happy with how these photos turned out and hope you all love them!  Kelly is quite the talented photographer, and all these photos were shot with medium format film, how amazing is that?!  I adore the look and feel of film and will take that over digital any day!  Take a look at Kelly's website here and show her some love.


  1. So lovely! You look like something out of a dream!

  2. OH MY DEER!!!!! it's so perfect *_*_*

  3. What is this nail polish color you've got on here??

  4. What is this nail polish color you've got on here??

  5. Hi!
    This is American Apparel nail polish, color "Mouse"


  6. What is the name of the Free People dress and where can I find it?

    1. Hi Jeff,
      This was the Free People Ana's limited edition story dress, but due to the fact that it was a limited edition they do not have anymore in stock unfortunately!

  7. The experience was awesome. My cousin picked this dress for her bridesmaids and I love it. It's a snug fit but it doesn't make me feel squeezed or anything like that.

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