Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blustery Winds

Sunday morning in SLO started with coffee at our favorite spot (Black Horse) and then continued with a visit to one of our favorite parks in the area where we saw our amazing barn owl friends who live in this cute little owl house.  We were so happily surprised they were still living there as it had been almost a year since we were last there and lase saw them when they were babies!
After a while it became so windy it was almost painful, so it was difficult to try and look nice for any photos of myself, but I did get some nice photos of this park and after the park we drove down a nice open road and stumbled upon a beautiful field of horses.  So though the wind was quite the monster, it was such a beautiful day and the perfect end to our short weekend trip.

I'll start this post with some instagram photos, then some digital, and finally some 35mm film and Polaroids.  Three cameras, 3 formats - totally necessary for a lovely weekend away.
And here are some photos I took on a vintage 35mm Cannon camera I was given as a gift this past week.  This roll of film had been in the camera for over a decade and had 10 frames left so I took full advantage of that and finished it up.  These photos are not retouched in any way, which is so amazing; the colors, the contrast, I just love shooting in film!  And I mean, I am certainly no real photographer, but ever since I got my Diana 120 camera a few years ago I've been hooked and am always so excited every time I get a new (old) functioning film camera to shoot with and turn in my first batch of film from it.


  1. Those photos are so so amazing. I feel like I was in fairy tale watching them :)

    1. Your blog! It really is a treasure! Alex