Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Autumnal Feelings

Oh how I love the golden glow of Autumn!  Now that the days are super short and the sun is ready to set at 5pm, I'm having to take full advantage of my Sunday's off.  These photos were taken on a quiet Sunday evening at our favorite park right at that magical golden hour when my bangs were really in need of a serious trim.  This blouse is one I thrifted a couple years ago and it's found its way into some of my favorite Fall looks ever since (and will probably find its way into a few more this season) and this Port colored American Apparel skirt is an essential, and for Winter, I'll just switch this mini out for the maxi version; I think I  actually own every single style they make in this color, it's my favorite!
Outfit Details
Jacket - Vintage
Scarf - Vintage
Top - Vintage
Skirt - American Apprel
Shoes - Modcloth (Chelsea Crew )


  1. Perfect autumn colors!

    xo Jennifer

  2. these days are painfully short indeed, it can be such a downer! they really did a great job on that shade of burgundy, love all the chiffon stuff too.

    you look lovely, i'm particularly smitten with those tapestry shoes!

  3. You look just darling, as always. I love the contrast between your green jacket and the rest of your warm-colored outfit!

    Xo, Hannah

  4. You're stunning, I discovered your blog on Pinterest a week or two ago and have not looked away since! You're tattoos are unbelievably lovely. xxxo

    1. Hi dear!
      So happy you've found me, thanks so much for your kind words!