Friday, November 29, 2013

In the City, San Francisco

During this trip to the city, we had the vintage expo to go to (I'll share my outfit for that day in the next post) but other than that it was all about just soaking in as much of this lovely city as possible.  My favorite thing to do besides sit beneath Old Goldie of course, is to just explore the city, going nowhere in particular!  The colors, houses, and people of San Francisco are all so vibrant and I love the feeling I get when out and about in the city, it's a certain kind of thrill that I'll never tire of.
One thing I used to always have trouble with while visiting San Francisco was finding a good coffee shop, not that there weren't many, there just weren't many that made silly ice blended whipped cream concoctions I used to drink.  Now that I have said goodbye to those sugary things and am now a cappuccino only kinda gal, finding a good coffee shop was so easy, and I absolutely loved Sightglass Coffee; it sits in the industrial SoMa neighborhood and is probably the most beautiful coffee shop/roastery I've ever been to and makes some seriously delicious coffee for us serious coffee drinkers.
After dark, a stop at the most adorable ice cream bar ever, and some time spent wandering around the Union Square area we stopped at Market and Powell to take a cable car ride to the wharf and then hopped on another line back afterwards to get back to Union Square.  I absolutely love to take a ride on the cable cars, and, this late-night, cold-but-not-too-cold ride hanging off the side of the cable car, coasting through the city made for a certain kind of city-life bliss you can only feel in San Francisco.
Here I have on a gorgeous embroidered Free People slip that blends so well with the San Franciscan scenery, all I needed to add was my trusty black hat and vegan leather jacket at night!
Outfit Details
Dress - Free People
Jacket - Free People
Hat - Vintage
Boots - Sam Edelman


  1. That slip is so beautiful! I love SF, miss it so much

  2. Beautiful, I love the way you layer your clothes <3

  3. I am always so jealous of your romantic little road trips and adventures! The coffee shop and ice cream bar sound magical and I LOVE your outfit as always!

    Xo, Hannah