Friday, November 1, 2013

Mountain Adventure

This past Monday I decided to pause and take a much needed afternoon off to adventure with my love.  We drove up to the mountains...then kept driving 'til we were lost.  It was pure bliss.  And, the day was made even more blissful by the surprise of light rain.  It had been quite the while since I last felt the rain, having been a rather dry year here in Santa Barbara.  So, finally smelling that beautiful petrichor, one of my favorite scents, getting a bit damp, and being alone with my love away from the city was so refreshing.
Here's some quick photos we snapped with my regular camera followed by some I took on my phone.  The colors that day were just magical, rich crimson wildflowers and rainy grey skies made for a moody sort of absolute perfection.


  1. Stunning photos!

    xo Jennifer

  2. so amazing!!!! love the whole shots <333


  3. How do you edit your photos?Which program, effect..? They are sttuning *.*

    1. I used VSCO Film in Lightroom for the photos on my camera and used VSCO cam app on my iphone for those photos.

  4. You two make such a beautiful couple, and this adventure sounds so amazing. I loooove the matching outfits!

    Xo, Hannah

  5. Thanks Hannah, you're the sweetest! We find ourselves accidentally coordinating quite often actually, but I will say that this time, it was totally intentional ;)