Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

This year has just flew right on by, I cannot believe it's already Christmas time again!  Getting a Christmas tree is one of my favorite things to do in December and decorating is always so fun, though last weekend when I got all excited and bought new ornaments and such for our perfect fluffy tree, 1:30am came around and it toppled right on over and everything broke!  So, it's certainly not as fancy looking as it was the first couple hours of its life here in our little apartment, but still cute and one of my favorite scents too (also definitely secure now!).   I have the next few days off of work and am so excited for things to get even more holiday-like 'round here!  I've made my room all Christmas-y too and I'm so in love with it, so I'll share some photos of that next time.
Outfit Details
Top - American Apparel
Pants - American Apparel
Boots - Hunter


  1. those are gorgeous! sorry to hear about your christmas tree, that would always happen at my mum's place with the cats...
    i haven't had a big tree in a while, i keep trying to keep alive those potted ones(and the last one is still here a year later!).

  2. Such a lovely gal with a lovely tree! Beautiful post! xxxo

  3. I love your Hunter boots and mustard pants! You look so adorable posed next to the trees!

    Xo, Hannah

  4. Love!

    xo Jennifer

  5. love your vintage style!

  6. I LOVE your hunter boots. I need to get myself a pair. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas...

    1. Thank you so much dear!
      Merry Christmas to you as well!