Friday, December 13, 2013

Schoolgirl Plaid

Well friends, today was the last day of the Fall semester and my last day ever at SBCC!  I can officially say that I now have an Associates Degree in Philosophy!!  ...and a second associates in Arts & Humanities, but that one was just an unintentional bonus degree I receive actually because of the combination of courses I've taken.  4.0 GPA still intact so I am a happy lady!  Next in my educational endeavors I'll be transferring to a university, most likely UC Santa Cruz, next Fall, but until then, I have 8 months of school/studying/exam freedom (with a very big adventure happening that I'll share more about soon)!  I've never not been in school for that long of a time, so what a fantastic 8 month break it will be!
Here's a very school girl-ish outfit where I paired my go-to American Apparel peter pan collared blouse and cable knit sweater with a burgundy coat and plaid skirt that Chicwish sent me!  These vintage shoes are also worthy to note as I bought them at the Rose Bowl flea market sometime last year for $1, sure the inside lining is flaking away all strange and they're definitely worn, but I'm still pretty smitten with 'em.  And actually, I'm probably going to add a very similar blue pair of bow flats to my etsy shop soon so keep an eye out!
Outfit Details
Coat c/o Chicwish
Skirt c/o Chicwish
Blouse - American Apparel
Shoes - Vintage


  1. I love your look, you are so beautiful, and your top is amazing ! <3

  2. I love everything about this look, the plaid print is chic and reminds me of Gossip Girl, and I adore your hair!

    Elizabeth x

  3. Could this be any more perfect!? I sincerely doubt it!

    Scotty Hollywood | Kitten as a Cat

  4. I adore this outfit so much! Those shoes are amazing too, what a lucky find.

  5. Such a cute outfit, that skirt looks like my family tartan ;P <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  6. ah, yes, schoolgirl perfection!

  7. I love the wine jacket/blazer, too!!! Those shoes remind me of a pair I got from Salvation Army... the gettin' place!


  8. congratulations on getting your degree! you really nailed the ivy league look, love it!

  9. Wow, you look so gorgeous

  10. Your outfits are always SO inspiring to me, and I truly adore this one. You make the perfect schoolgirl!

    Xo, Hannah

  11. Gorgeous Kiama, so gorgeous. You've inspired me. I want this outfit now. I'm going searching first thing to put it together just like you've shown here. I love your schoolgirl chic look. It's stunning. This fashion, your modeling and presentation, the photography... It's all wonderful. Please please please give us more, more, more schoolgirl chic fashion... You are beautiful. - Love Alexandra xxxxx <3 :)