Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sixties Tweed

I had never been to the Vintage Fashion Expo before, and since we'd all been wanting to visit SF again, going for that September weekend ended up being just perfect!  My sister Keri and her husband Josh are swing/lindy hop dancers and have adorable style, very 1940's, and I'm very much-so a 1960's kind of gal so it's always so nice getting dressed up together and going out, also always a silly plus when Anthony and I coordinate too!  I bought this 60s tweed cape on etsy quite some time ago and hadn't worn it yet, so pairing it with these village green American Apparel riding pants, my favorite vintage t-straps, and of course the fun 60's hair and makeup was so fun.  The vintage expo itself was pretty nifty, I met some very lovely people and bought an amazing Edwardian dress that I'm so in love with.  Afterwards we headed to the North Beach/Little Italy area for some lunch and explored around a bit before stopping by the Mission district for some very unsuccessful thrifting which was so disappointing since I normally always find at least one lovely piece of vintage for myself there!

Outfit Details
Cape - Vintage
Pants - American Apparel
Shoes - Vintage


  1. that cape is adorable! love your hair too!

    i already have like 3 capes but still want more; who cares if you can't wear anything over your shoulder and they're not that warm, they're just SO cute!

    1. Thanks dear!
      And, I totally agree with you, I have a handful of lovely capes that really are somewhat impractical but yet I'm still pretty obsessed!


  2. Once again, gorgeous shots! I can't get enough of that mustard.

  3. Love the colours, very cute. And I need a cape like that ~<3

    Cute to the Fashion

  4. I ADORE those shoes! They're sooo pretty! And the detail of the owl in the cape is so lovely!