Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Solvang Days

I live in Santa Barbara, about 20 minutes South of the adorable little Danish style town, Solvang.  I have visited this  quaint little town every now and then since I was a kid and am still absolutely smitten with the charm there, so spending a lovely grey morning with my fella wandering around was a fantastic outing for sure.  The weather was brisk and windy and my hair most definitely got a bit out of place here and there but I didn't mind one bit!  I'm also pretty obsessed with this outfit too; probably because it includes my vintage Ferragamo's that I'd been longing for, for seriously the longest time and finally found the perfect pair in my size, and this amazing vintage skirt from Adored Vintage which is my favorite online vintage shop, the owner Rodelee is such an absolute dear by the way, and this skirt has most definitely climbed its way to the top of my favorite things to wear list!
Outfit Details
Hat - Vintage
Top - Vintage
Skirt - Vintage
Shoes - Vintage 


  1. Amazing pictures!


  2. How beautiful! I can definitely see why the skirt has become a favourite, and I'll be forever envious about those shoes. They're perfect. x

  3. Stunning! Alex

  4. Your hat is perfection!

    xo Jennifer

  5. This outfit is just magical! I loooove the shots focusing on your beautiful Ferragamo's and your pretty camera.

    Xo, Hannah