Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An Intimate Look

Oh, how I just love simple grey days in at home with my fella.  With our busy schedules, we don't often get too much down time, so on this late Monday afternoon it was so nice to relax a little; but of course I couldn't resist pulling out the tripod/remote & camera and putting on a red lip to take some quick photos capturing the lovely mood of the day!  And for a quick 15 minute photo session, we got some rather nice images out of it that I definitely adore.  The second photo here in this pots just cracks me up; it's amazing and also quite unfair how he always manages to look absolutely amazing/flawless (to me at least!) even when he's making the most ridiculous face possible, probably my new favorite photo ever!!

To see a couple more of my favorite shots of the mister and I, check out our mountain adventure and our casual photoshoot we did in our room on a lovely Sunday afternoon.


  1. These are such gorgeous shots-- I can't believe you took them in only 15 minutes! I love the intimate feeling.

    Xo, Hannah


  2. Really beautiful pictures. I adore the mountain shoot too - just stunning.

  3. Ugh you two are lovely!


  4. You two are so lovely together! I admire your relationship! xx

  5. these are amazing! total keepsakes :) you two make one good-lookin couple!

  6. These are so sweet. You are both such petite people too and seem to just suit one another in appearance and by how you look at each other. Aw.