Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pretty Pewter

I'm actually really quite smitten with this pewter color.  I've never been much of a purple or pink gal, but throw a pewter or dusty rose shade my way and I'm all about it!  So, a while ago when I saw this new color of my favorite Free People number, I was all over it.
I absolutely love wearing these FP French Courtship Slips; they're so soft, flowy, and feminine, and can be styled so, so many ways!  I like to keep it simple most times and just wear the dress by itself with a seamless slip underneath and my hair done nicely; but to make it more casual I'd just throw on some boots and a tie up a sweater or a loose fitting tee over it (and perhaps a hat too)!  As for this location, I had my eye on this beautiful house here in town for a while now because I knew it would coordinate so well with this dress, but, the sun has been very selfish lately and there hadn't been any clouds at all for such a long time, so this past Sunday, the second I spotted a somewhat cloudy sky, I got a bit dolled up, curled my hair real quick (I was so pleasantly surprised that literally tossing it to the side with just a few bobby pins that took 5 minutes ended up looking very put together!) and we headed over. 
Also,  just in case you missed it, I styled the ivory version of this dress when I did a photoshoot with my friend Grace a while a go, take a look back here!
Outfit Details 
French Courtship Slip - Free People
Shoes - Vintage Ferragamo


  1. I'm not sure I could pull off that colour, but you certainly do. The dress is feminine. And I wouldn't expect it to go so well with the classic Ferragamo ballerinas, but it does.

  2. This slip is so beautiful.I love the versatility of it. You look gorgeous

  3. love your outfit, so 30s!
    you should email me about your upcoming paris trip, i'd love to give you some tips and maybe meet up!

  4. You are always so lovely hun!

    xo Jennifer

  5. I don't think I could wear something so flowy and elegant but you pull it off so perfectly. Such a lovely quick hairstyle too, I love it when hair comes together without too much effort.

    The colour on those leaves is brilliant!

    ~ K

  6. your hair looks so great, too! The geometric shaped waistline reminds me of old dresses from the 1930's that I used to thumb through in the costume storage at university when I was pulling for a show.... but this also feels very 1920's, too :) It's beautiful on you!

    love, polly