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Monday, July 14, 2014

Père Lachaise & Pompidou

On this rather sunny, quiet, Sunday morning the Père Lachaise Cemetery was our first stop.  I was so surprised by how large it was; we actually ended up walking around there for a couple of hours, and yes of course said our hello's to Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Victor Noir, and many others.  Afterwards we spent the afternoon exploring the historic Le Marais district and let me just say, I fell completely in love (even though I didn't even purchase one thing from the many many vintage shops in the area)!  Finally, our evening ended with some chocolate crêpes and a handful of hours spent at Centre Pompidou which houses the largest collection of modern art in Europe (Mark Rothko is one of my favorites).


  1. What a beautiful cemetery!

  2. So many gorgeous and cool photographs! That cemetery looks like an amazing place to visit.

    Jamie |

  3. Wow, I will definitely have to go to that museum when I visit Paris again someday!

  4. Wowwwwww... I would love to visit that graveyard... they're one of the most peaceful places to explore and think about life. Beautiful photos as always!