Friday, July 18, 2014


I'm interrupting my Paris posts to get in a quick post about well, just an average end of the week day.
Since I'm working full time Monday-Friday and my evenings are always jam-packed with things to get done, by Friday afternoons I catch a major case of the TGIF's. 
This week, as the reality panic of having to move soon for school sets in, so does the realization that I have so, so many THINGS that honestly just need to disappear; including all my vintage Etsy items that haven't moved for quite some time and also of course those items of clothing that you buy because maybe they're on sale or you think you'll come up with some genius way to style them but never end up even giving 'em a second glance once you actually have them in your closet.  So, you can imagine my excitement this week when I heard Crossroads Trading launched their new Sell By Mail! option.  All you have to do is request a bag from their website, fill it in with the clothes you need out of your closet, and drop it in the mail; no weighing, shipping labels, or long lines at the post office, hooray!  Getting cash (or store credit!) for the clothes you want out of your life without actually having to haul your clothes down to your local Crossroads makes for a double-win and extra TGIF vibes knowing that you can go into the weekend with one less to-do.  So that means one more cup of coffee right?  Yes.


  1. that sounds like a great thing! I need to keep cleansing my closet, too! I hope you're doing well... I miss our chats!

    love, polly :)

  2. I really needed to read that! I've realized just how many clothes I have that I don't even wear and now I have something to do with them! thank you :)

    Gifs & Garb

  3. Oh that is interesting ;)
    And lovely photo by the Way.

    Cheers From Paris ,