Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Musée du Louvre

I absolutely loved visiting the Louvre!  I still feel so, so lucky to have had the opportunity to see so many famous and amazing works of art, I feel like I'm getting repetitive in saying that, but it's true!  And, I'm likely going to say it again (and again!) before I finish up these posts from my adventures in Europe (which I won't be done sharing for quite a long while at the rate I'm goin'!).
Since we purchased the 4 day museum pass (which I definitely recommend), we visited first during the day and then went for a second time on Wednesday evening when they stay open late ]til about 10pm.  And, let me tell you, there's quite a noticeable difference in a daytime vs. night time Louvre visit.  During the day, the museum is just very busy, especially the room the Mona Lisa (or if we're being extra French here, La Joconde) is in.  Once people step foot in that room they become animals, clawing their way to the front...literally!  I mean, come on guys, she ain't goin' anywhere!  Though, of course everyone wants to get to the front to see this classic lady up close and lucky for me I'm pretty sly with these kinds of things, so I actually managed my way up there quite gracefully without having to bring out the claws and got a nice first viewing of Ms. (Mrs?) Lisa.  When we went back on Wednesday night however, having the perfect view of Mona was a breeze since there was a considerably less amount people in the museum, which was very very nice actually.  Some rooms/areas you had completely to yourself and it made for a much more personal and relaxing experience soaking in all the art and such.


  1. Amazing photos I really love the processing you've made! It is funny, coz I've been quite a few times in Paris, I lived in France and never planned to enter the Louvre ... *sigh*


  2. Beautiful pictures! Question for you... what website did you use to make your header image? It looks great :)

    xo Arushee | unadorned gifts