Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Birthday!

I'm way, way behind on posts and sharing photos and don't expect I'll quickly be able catch up anytime soon since I just started my junior year of college at UC Berkeley.  But, with that, it also means that yes, hooray, I finally moved up North and am now calling a quaint little studio with hardwood floors and a bay window home.   Before my first day of classes, my birthday (the 28th) was my last official day of freedom!  So, naturally of course Anthony and I headed across the Bay Bridge and into San Francisco on a wonderfully grey, gloomy morning.  I was clad in the dreamiest dream of a skirt from Alexandra Grecco; one that I'd been wanting for what seemed like forever!  So, finally having it and all its dusty blue tulle loveliness I was lookin' pretty birthday-like (Anthony kept telling me how much I looked like the perfect little teacup)!   After morning coffee (of course) we went to Golden Gate Park to the Conservatory of Flowers.  This was actually my first time there and for those who know me well know that getting up early on my last day of freedom, fancying up, and going the Conservatory of Flowers on my birthday is just so!  After some time amongst the flowers we headed over to one of my favorite spots- Fort Point.  It was so, so nice to see old Goldie again!  Even after traveling through Europe and seeing such mind-blowing amounts of beauty, the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point still shine pretty bright in my eyes, and I just love the feeling I get when I'm there.  The last photo I posted here was an accidental one Anthony got of me and I just love the dark, shadowy mysterious-like feelings of those dark halls and feel that this photo captured it so well.

Outfit Details 
Skirt - Alexandra Grecco
Shirt - Free People


  1. So so pretty ! First you are recompletely flawless and Then I wanna say I an really happy for you with your new move . It's a new year starting for both of us hehe :)


  2. Super blog! Oby tak dalej!

    Zajrzyj te┼╝ do mnie:


  3. Happy belated birthday! I loved scrolling through these amazingly gorgeous pictures. Your outfit was perfect too!

    Jamie |

  4. This is such a beautiful article! Your outfit is perfect and the photographs are superb! <3