Thursday, October 9, 2014

Join me in the JDRF One Walk

Today on campus I met for the first time a few other students that also like me, have type one diabetes.  It was beyond words amazing to finally get the chance to connect with people who understand exactly what you're going through.  I was diagnosed back in May so I am still completely new to all of this and have lots to learn, but each day I am learning to appreciate what diabetes has taught me and the changes I've made in my life because of it.  I'm so eager to tell me story to anyone who will listen and get involved in any way I possible can.  I'm very hopeful and passionate about all work the JDRF is doing with new advances in T1D research and their plan to "make type one type none".  That line right there pretty much gives me chills and or tears every single time I hear it. 
So, there will be more posts and such on this type of stuff in the future as I'm still trying to catch up with posts from my trip to Europe and work and go to school all at the same time, so bare with me!
For now however, I've decided, though very last minute, to participate in the JDRF One Walk in San Francisco on October 26th.  If anyone is interested in joining my team, coming to walk with me, has questions, or would just like more info please don't hesitate to email me (
Also, if you'd like a little summary of my story and other ways to get involved please take a look at my fundraising page here!


  1. I appreciate your bravery in posting a very personal blog about your health condition. I really enjoy your stories & photos and I wish you all the best >^..^<

  2. Good for you. DM type I can be a really rough disease to deal with- especially for young women who are already being told they have to look a certain way. It's exciting to be in the generation where we're finally seeing some of the research pay off. I hope you find strength in knowing that what you're doing matters.

  3. When will you post something new? Over a month has passed and nothing happens here. I love your fotos and I love your style of writing. You're so accurate. You really entertain me. Please write something new!