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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Currently | Some Autumnal Things

I've realized it is still going to take me quite a long time to catch up with photos from my trip to Europe.  And, since I haven't taken any photos with my regular camera for months I figured a little update here and there with some photos from my phone ought to do for now.
So, here's some of my favorite recent snaps.  It's finally beginning to feel like Autumn up here in the Bay Area...'bout time!
Currently - purchased some lovely plants, succulents, and pumpkins for our studio and am loving them so much | making sure I wear all my Autumnal toned outfits before I switch to a muted palette for December |  always taking notice of how beautiful campus is and how lucky I am to go to school here | drinking lots and lots (and lots) of Blue Bottle coffee


  1. Wow I miss the Bay Area. Gorgeous photos!


  2. I love these photos, they're so evocative and moody - absolutely gorgeous.

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  3. I find your fashion style and your photography style so inspiring. Very evocative and classic. I am very curious where that light grey/cream jacket/shirt you are wearing is from~
    Allegra -

  4. I adore your photography,it's so beautiful! xx

  5. This post provided me with so much inspiration, your pictures are beautiful, thankyou for sharing them!


  6. These pictures scream autumn! Love the vibe!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous collection of fall pictures! I love everything fall and I am loving the aesthetic of your blog. I started reading your blog because the name reminded me of my own: Spruces and Stones. Gotta love that alliteration thing.