Thursday, December 18, 2014

December so far

Well, I just finished up my last final of my junior year of college - first semester here at UC Berkeley!  Now only 3 more to go!!  It feels SO good to be done with this semester especially after having a crazy 24 hour bug yesterday complete with nearly violent vomiting and a 102 degree fever, plus locking myself out of the car that had everything I needed inside of it 30 mins before I took the final today.  Now I can breathe easier again, hooray!
Currently - Home is super cozy and I haven't killed any of my plants yet | The weather here in the Bay area has finally cooled down and we've gotten plenty of rain too, so it's starting to feel like Winter little by little | We got a nice big Christmas tree sitting right in the middle of our bay window (seriously couldn't be anymore perfect) and all kinds of Christmas-like things goin' on here (including daily listening of the She & Him Christmas album and creeping each other out with elf on the shelf) | Daily visits for the best coffee at Blue Bottle | Presents to myself from myself including a sea of silk, luxe wool, and chunky wool from Everlane (my latest obsession) | and finally no that is not my phone in the last photo that's my new t:slim insulin pump (more on that and all my insulin pump thoughts in a later post)


  1. Your home is so lovely with all the plants! I always kill mine. I've even killed cactus. Which... should be really hard to do, haha!

  2. Your house looks so lovely and festive! Love the greenery inside!

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  3. Love all of these photos! So nice to have plants everywhere and a Christmas tree in a bay window is just classic. Merry Christmas!