Sunday, February 1, 2015

Classically Parisian - Part 1

February 20th, a perfectly grey, slightly windy, and absolutely lovely last day in Paris we had.  I wore my favorite classic Parisian outfit and we spent some time at the top of the Eiffel Tower, strolled through Champ de Mars and all of our favorite spots again in the area, and finally found a super delicious coffee shop, but more photos from that in the next post!
Outfit Details
Striped bodysuit - American Apparel
Jeans - Urban Outfitters


  1. I am just loving all these posts from your trip through Europe. Your photos are always impeccable and your style so chic. You must have had such a wonderful time.

  2. I love this look, its so classic and effortless. I went to Paris a very, very long time ago and loved it, so I am so jealous! I hope you've had a lovely time :)

  3. Your photos are always so beautiful, they have such a romantic feel to them. I love it! xo