Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Well, my Summer break from school is coming to a close real soon here and yet again I am a bit shocked by how fast that time flew by.  With working two jobs, I did not have enough time to edit all my photos from my trip to Europe last year but, I did get through a nice chunk of it so hopefully I can share those soon!
For now, here are some photos I took the day before my photoshoot with T1D Exposed (I talked about that project a bit in my last post here) as I had just finished arranging some flowers I bought that morning (yep, another 4am flower market day for me) and before I ditched my underpinnings to practice some poses and find my best angles for the shoot!  (I might, maybe, possibly share some of those practice shots on my tumblr at some point depending on how NSFW-ish I feel like sharing).

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