Saturday, August 22, 2015

Free People & Flowers

I feel silly that I have never paid much attention to Lisianthus flowers before - they really are so darling!  These were the flowers that I got for my T1D Exposed photoshoot (mentioned a bit about that here) and, because I was leaving to work in LA for a week the very next day I knew I had to include these beauties in some more photos before I left.  I also had a happy mail day that week when I received this great Free People Jumpsuit that I couldn't wait to put on.  So, before catching my flight I wrapped up the blooms, put on my favorite Swedish Hasbeens, grabbed some coffee, and then snapped a few photos before heading out and also handing out the fleurs to some strangers.
I had three arrangements with me - one of them I gave to a nice lady crossing the street in Oakland while I was grabbing coffee at Blue bottle.  The other 2 arrangements I took with me to the airport and ended up giving one to a very sweet lady that I bought water and some emergency t1d "medicine" aka sugar from and then the last bouquet I gave to the gals working the Virgin America gate I was at.  Our flight was very very delayed and everybody was a bit stressed out there dealing with the angry folks that were going to miss their connections and whatnot and it felt good to give them a bit of loveliness to make their day a bit less terrible.  I think I'm going to do this whole flower giving thing more often.

Outfit Details
Jumpsuit c/o Free People
Shoes - Swedish Hasbeen x Free People


  1. These are really gorgeous shots and I love that you handed out the flowers to strangers! That's such a sweet idea :)

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

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  3. Beautiful things-- I'm in love with this aesthetic

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