Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Very Persimmon-y Silk Kind of Christmas

After my trip to New York I flew home to Santa Barbara to spend Christmas with my family (and my ex too because we are weirdos and can somehow still hang out and be goofy haha).  I saw some lovely people, visited my old haunts, my favorite hometown coffee shop, and had a classic dinner at Joe's Cafe with my dad and my ex Anthony (...and two glasses of Prosecco).
On Christmas and, pretty much every other of the few days I was there I lived in this silk dress from Everlane.  I don't often wear all that much color and I don't own anything else  But, I actually kinda love it.  Oh but I guess technically this isn't red it's "persimmon".  Also, currently really obsessed with Warby Parker - these are the Haskell frames and I also have black Caspar frames, both of which I want to wear every day...and pretty much do.  Happy holidays and hooray for NYE (my favorite holiday!).

Outfit Details 
Glasses - Warby Parker
Dress - Everlane
Boots - Everlane

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  1. Its so cool you can hang out with your ex. I love your outfit and how you edit your photos! x